Introduction and Welcome To All Wine Enthusiasts

First off we are not experts but rather enthusiasts that share a fondness for the subject and we cannot pretend to know or include everything here but we can offer some help and advise to people who are new to wine or just interested in learning more. There is quite a lot of wine snobbery around and it is easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. Well stick with us because we are just very ordinary folk that got interested in the whole process of wine making and things led from there. We also have some gift ideas for you to give to your wine loving friends.

We have endeavoured to provide information about the world of wine and on the sidebar to the right is a drop-down menu under the heading categories where you can choose from a list of subjects . We  have included an aStore for those that would like to buy books for a lot more knowledge on wine. The aStore is connected to Amazon, probably the biggest and most trustworthy name on the net. You have a choice of which store you use according to your geographical location and there is a translator at the top right of the sidebar if you require it.

Ok , now here are two great videos that will help you with the basics in wines so it’s a great place to begin…….

Anne Wallace is featured here, who is a fine wine specialist for Trinity Fine Wines, and  works with Vintages Wines & Spirits in Colorado Springs, Colorado. VideoAnswers Food & Cooking > Drinks An Introduction to Wines

How to Select a Perfect White Wine

There are hampers,baskets,boxes,books,videos and oh yes Wine to buy from the just-wine aStore. If you live in the US, UK or Canada  vist the aStore for the best deals today from the biggest name in online shopping. Thats Amazon in your country.

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